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Do you provide refunds?

We do not issue refunds if the order is confirmed and the product has been shipped. There is no obligation to provide a refund or credit in the following situations:

  • You have changed your mind about an item. Please try the Free package if you are not sure what Oxyblock is.
  • You have purchased an item in error.
  • You are not experienced enough to use an item.
What is Design UI?

Design UI is full of UI elements, blocks and components to facilitate prototyping.

What is the Design Set?

Design Set is full of HTML, CSS and JS blocks such as header, footer and 10 more categories to facilitate the creation of websites.

Do you have a free trial on Oxyblock packages?

We do not offer a "trial" of Oxyblock packages such as Design UI and Design Set. However, we do offer the Free package, a limited number of blocks for a free tasting of our other packages.

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